California Allstars Posh Princesses

Beth Callahan

Hello My Princesses,

If you are going to purchase a Posh or any other piece, PLEASE hear the following with love and respect to showing off that Cali Name on the back of your Unis. Per Tannaz and myself. We are inagreeance as most of you know if you have spoken to me I push for the shorter posh.

Going forward with you purchase of Posh for California All-Stars Athletes The following is mandated Per The California All-stars immediately. No posh is to be longer than The "Bullets" on  the back of your uniform.

Lets keep it BEAUTIFUL and NATURAL looking. As I am sure most of you know there are many other faux companies since we started Posh. I am not certain their practice but I try to be as helpful as possible, as respectful and honest on what looks best.

I will be meeting with Tannaz next week and will update again after that.

If you happen to be new to Posh and not a Part of The California All-Stars I still suggest the above.  We love you all so much we want what is best for you and that you will have no regrets. We at Posh think shorter looks more natural.

Moving forward we highly suggest to athletes and Parents alike that when purchasing a Posh Pony you apply  the following suggestions:

How to determine the appropriate length:

We suggest not purchasing extremely different lengths than your natural hair. How to measure to get an idea? Put the athletes hair in a High Pony just like you would on comp day to tease, measure from the top of the Pony to the end of their hair. What ever the length is we suggest not purchasing longer than 2 inches beyond the natural hair length.

Now put the athletes hair in a high tight bun. Then take a measuring tape and from the bottom of the pony measure from the bottom of the hair tie to each length. 12, 14, 16 and 18. This is the best way to make sure you are purchasing the appropriate length. I have been blessed enough to meet many Gym Owners, Coaches and Judges this past season and I recommend this method to everyone that purchases! It is my personal opinion it looks the most natural.

We have been doing Posh since 2012 and have gone throw many bumps and learning curves along the way. We know there are others trying to compete with Posh. But  being the first ever to create a 100% real human hair faux pony teased ready to wear we want to take pride in making sure we are keeping our clients best interest first, where possibly most of the others may not because they started after seeing a Posh or honestly posing as a customer. We don't like to talk about this but feel it needs to be addressed. We were the first and learned over the years where others are just beginning. We love you all and appreciate you so very much and want to make sure that you are being guided in the proper direction.

Love Always,




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