Please select your hair color from the HAIR COLORS page on our website.* Insert that color code in the NOTES section of your order. If you forgot to add information or it has changed please send an email with the following information:

  • Please include the Order Number in the subject of your email.
  • Please send photos of the athlete's hair in a high tight bun.
  • Please include the bun size in inches. Use a measuring from LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM from the base of the bun all the way across. SEE THE PHOTO BELOW!
  • Make sure that you have included HAIR COLOR CODE AND BUN MEASUREMENTS! In the notes section of your order. If not, please send us a email at
  • To properly measure. Put the natural hair in a high tight pony. Twist the hair down the shaft of the pony and twist into a "TIGHT bun and secure with a hair tie.
  • Measure the hair from one side starting at the base to the other side of the base!
  • Bun Measurement Sizes: Small bun: 0-3.5 Inches, Medium Bun: 3.5-4.5 inches, Large Bun: 4.5-6 inches, XL bun 6.5 inches and up
  • If you require an extra large size there will be an additional $50.00
  • EXAMPLE: This would be a 4" Bun.
    Bun Size

How to determine the appropriate length:

We suggest not purchasing extremely different lengths than your natural hair. How to measure to get an idea? Put the athletes hair in a High Pony just like you would on comp day to tease, measure from the top of the Pony to the end of their hair. What ever the length is we suggest not purchasing longer than 2 inches beyond the natural hair length.

Now put the athletes hair in a high tight bun. Then take a measuring tape and from the bottom of the pony measure from the bottom of the hair tie to each length. 12, 14, 16 and 18. This is the best way to make sure you are purchasing the appropriate length. I have been blessed enough to meet many Gym Owners, Coaches and Judges this past season and I recommend this method to everyone that purchases! It is my personal opinion it looks the most natural.

We have been doing Posh since 2012 and have gone throw many bumps and learning curves along the way. We know there are others trying to compete with Posh. But  being the first ever to create a 100% real human hair faux pony teased ready to wear we want to take pride in making sure we are keeping our clients best interest first, where possibly most of the others may not because they started after seeing a Posh or honestly posing as a customer. We don't like to talk about this but feel it needs to be addressed. We were the first and learned over the years where others are just beginning. We love you all and appreciate you so very much and want to make sure that you are being guided in the proper direction.

Love Always,



******Refund/Return Policy********

All Sales are final. There will be no refunds. Posh Pony and Bows cannot be held liable for any hair color discrepancies. We reserve the right to exchange or deny exchange for any orders at the discretion of the company. We do not accept any returns nor do we process any refunds. Approved exchanges will ONLY allow be allowed with the proper RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) verification information, which would provided solely by Posh Pony and Bows.

*Colors may very slightly due to availability from vendors

**Bun size will vary due to amount of natural hair

*** Shipping may vary due to volume