The 12" Posh Pony

Posh Pony and Bows

$ 250.00
The 12" Posh Pony
  1. The 12"

This Posh Pony is designed for athletes with a bob hair cut who wearing their hair half up half down hairstyle. This Poshie is also good for girls on Mini teams who do not have quite as full of hair. Made in 100% premium hair, each Poshie is custom created for each individual athlete. Every Posh Pony comes with a straight tease, easy, and ready to wear straight out of the box. We are dedicated to make the best all-star cheerleading hair pieces that are ready to wear, and ultimately save athletes' hair one Posh Princess at a time. 


Please select your hair color from the HAIR COLORS page on our website.* Insert that color code in the NOTES section of your order. If needed send an email with the following information:

  • Please include the Order Number in the subject of your email.
  • Please include the bun size in inches. Use a measuring from LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM from the base of the bun all the way across. SEE THE PHOTO BELOW!
  • Make sure that you have included your HAIR COLOR CODE AND BUN MEASUREMENTS! In the notes section of your order.
  • Bun Sizes:
  • Bun Measurement Sizes: Small bun: 0-3.5 Inches, Medium Bun: 3.5-4.5 inches, Large Bun: 4.5-6 inches, XL bun 6.5 inches and up
  • Please note an XL bun is an extra $50.
  • EXAMPLE: This would be a 4" Bun.
    Bun Size

Saving natural hair one pony at a time, with the fiercest, most flawless pieces that will bring out the Princess in you!

Orders may take up to 8 weeks to ship!**

*Posh Pony and Bows cannot be held liable for any hair color discrepancies. We reserve the right to exchange or deny exchange for any orders at the discretion of the company. We do not accept any returns, and will allow allow for exchanges with the proper RMA verification provided by Posh Pony and Bows. NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES, OR REFUNDS IF THE POSHIE HAS BEEN WORN OR NO LONGER IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION! We reserve the right to deny a return or exchange once we see the condition of the product.  We will return the original to you.  If we issue a refund there will be a $40 restocking fee if discrepancy was not the fault of Posh Pony.

**Production time may vary based on time of the season, and order volume. Thank you for your patience, and your support of Posh Pony!