The Jester Re-Tease

Posh Pony and Bows

$ 40.00
The Jester Re-Tease

The Jester Re-Tease

Is your Posh looking a little sad?

The Jester Re-Tease is here to add some love and joy back into your Posh Pony to it give it life again. Your pony will be brushed out and re-teased by the best teasers in the Posh Pony Kingdom helping your Posh rule the cheer kingdom forevermore.

You will be emailed a shipping address within 48 hours of your purchase.  Please include your order number and tease height with your purchase and send back in the box you received your Posh in.

We do not offer curls with our services due to gyms wanting curls done different ways.  You can style your Posh just like your regular hair.

*Production time may vary based on time of the season, and order volume. Thank you for your patience, and your support of Posh Pony!

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